Diploma in International Studies

Duration Award Intakes
2 years (5 Semesters) APIIT Diploma

13 May 2020
09 Nov 2020

Malaysian students International students
RM 36,500 RM 45,000 (USD 11,690)


The APIIT Diploma comprises Part 1 which is a pre-matriculation stage leading into Part 2 which is the equivalent of the first year of full time degree study.  The overall rationale of Part 1 is to provide a programme of study which will prepare students for entry into the APIIT Diploma Part 2. 
The APIIT Diploma in International Studies is designed to:
  • Provide a programme that covers the academic aspect as well as the vocational aspects of International Studies
  • Prepare students for careers in the International Studies environment.
  • Provide students with academic and professional skills to develop solutions requiring a holistic outlook in International Studies.
  • Provide students with critical,  independent and cooperative learning skills so as to facilitate their  response to continuous future international change.
  • Develop students' intellectual skills, communications ability and team working capability.
  • Provide students with opportunities for progression into Degrees of International standard in relevant areas.
Part 1
Part 1 (semester 1 & 2) of the Programme is common and it provides a general development of the skills needed for degree study as well as preparing you for the specific demands of the degree programmes to which you will progress to.  The APIIT Diploma in International Studies will provide two routes: one to BSc (Hons) Environment & Sustainability and another to BA (Hons) International Relations. 
Semester 1
  • English for Academic Purpose
  • Numerical Skills
  • Practical IT Skills
  • Journalism and Society
Semester 2
  • Professional Communications
  • Academic Research Skills
  • Global Business Trends
  • Geography and the Environment
Part 2
Route A: Leading to BA (Hons) International Relations
Part 2 provides greater details on sustainable lifestyle, international relations and some of the environmental related issues as well. It provides factors that shape future sustainable lifestyle and the challenges. 
Semester 3
  • Sustainable Lifestyle and Communities
  • Issues in World Politics
  • International Relations
  • Critical International Film Studies
Semester 4
  • Debating the Past
  • Modern Political Ideas
  • Philosophy Life and Existence 
  • Environment Issues & Case Studies 1
  • Industrial Design: History and Context
Semester 5
  • Local & Global Perspectives in History
  • War Peace and Cooperation
  • Cinema Film Analysis
  • Environment Issues & Case Studies 2
  • Industrial Design: Style and Substance


KPT/JPS (N/313/4/0021)(PA 4059)05/20
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