Emergency contact numbers

You should call the following staff in the event of any emergency, serious health related issues or urgent repairs needed at accommodation and to report any damage within the accommodation units.

For Accommodation Related Issues

For Security, Police or Safety Related Issues

Vista Komanwel & Covillea

  • Mr. Benson Law (0168333603) 
  • Mr. Devender (0166642855)
  • Ms. Elizabeth (0172230376)

Fortune Park

  • Mr. Teong (0122628718)
  • Ms. Elizabeth (0172230376) 

Endah Promenade

  • Mr. Saljit (0192210302) 
  • Ms. Elizabeth (0172230376)


  • Mr. Amalraj (0165916478) 
  • Ms. Niki (0125820407)
  • Ms. Elizabeth (0172230376)

Night Hotline

  • 0172381300 (7 pm to 7 am)

Off-Day Hotline

  • 0173791700 (7 am to 7 pm on Weekends & Public Holidays)

APU General Line

  • 0389961000 (Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 7 pm, Saturday 8.30 am to 1 pm).



AXA Health Insurance Hotline: 03 2296 3188


It is compulsory for international students to purchase medical insurance, and do note that it does not include specialist treatment. It covers only outpatient and hospitalization up to the terms & conditions as in the policy. Please attend the scheduled briefing accordingly to get further information which will equip you to know what needs to be done in an emergency for yourself or for your friends.



Police: 03 9284 2222   03 9058 2222





Malaysia Emergency Number: 999


In the case of life threatening medical condition, for speedy response, call Ambulance Services at:

  • Nationwide Emergencies – 999
  • Lifeline Ambulance – 0379569999
  • St John Ambulance – 0166522227


Note: When calling for an ambulance, make sure you have RM 400 with you for their services and it’s NOT covered in the health insurance. Please ensure you have RM 1000 deposit for admissions as a security deposit as deposits are not covered by Health Insurance. Please call us for serious health related issues for guidance.